Q: What is a trial?

A: This is a one-on-one appointment between the Artist and the Client.  The Artist uses a trial to see how the Client wants to look on the big day, and it is the Client’s responsibility to let the Artist know of his/her preferences.

Q: Can I bring my friends and/or family to the trial?

A: It is not recommended, for peers can sway the opinion of the Client and/or distract the Artist and Client from receiving a proper one-on-one trial. 

Q: Can I use my own, personal makeup products?

A: It is not recommended; the Artist equips her kit with products that will cater to the Client’s needs.  If the Client requests the artist to use certain products and/or a certain brand, the Client must reimburse the Artist for the necessary purchase(s).  The Artist will not abuse the reimbursement and will only use it for the Client’s requested product(s).  

*The Artist will provide a liability waver for the Client*

Q: What if I have allergies to certain products?

A: It is the client’s responsibility to notify the Artist of any allergies before the trial.  If the Client has an allergy to a certain makeup product and is more comfortable with her own recommendations, the Client must reimburse for said products. 

*The Artist will provide a liability waver for the Client*

Q: Can I pay with cash?

A: The Artist recommends paying with card.  However, if the Client can only provide cash, the Artist requires it up-front, before services are performed.  

*a card must still be provided during the booking process*

Q: Do you do “partial” application?

A: The Artist will only perform “full-face” services, and not “partial applications.”  Partial application, which is categorized as a service that only provides eye makeup, face makeup, etc. in a single category, is not a service.  If a Client insists on partial application, the full rate will be charged.

Q: Can I purchase products from the Artist?

A: Yes; The Artist will charge the retail amount for the product.  Once the Client has used the product, is may not be returned to the Artist.  

Q: What are touch-ups?

A: Touch-ups include reapplication of powder, blush, lipstick and/or fixing of smudged makeup.   

Q: What if I need your services for a full day?

A: Day Rate fees are meant for brides who want the Artist present for extra hours.  Price in inclusive of time, travel, and labors.  Weddings in other cities will have other fees to accommodate travel, time, and/or possible lodging. 

Q: What is considered an A La Carte rate?

A: A La Carte services are meant for an in-and-out service.  The Artist designates time for the bride and/or her bridal party.  Once the designated time is up and all services are completed, the Artist is able to leave, and the bride and her bridal party may enjoy the rest of the event.

Q: What if I need your services out of town/state?

A: The Artist and Client will discuss and agree upon method of travel and lodging, with the Client being responsible for all costs. 

*No bus travel*



Booking a trial/wedding day:

It is highly recommended to book a trial and/or wedding date as soon as possible.  This gives the Client enough time to let the Artist know of any changes, and guarantees a date for the wedding.   


It is recommended to receive spray-tan services two days, or more, before the wedding.  Spray-tanning can affect the Client’s skin and hinder the Artist if done less than two days before the wedding.  If the Client receives a spray-tan or self-tans after any trial, he/she will be responsible in informing the Artist on his/her skin tone change.  This will allow the artist to come prepared for an alter to the makeup look.  Client may book another trial if he/she feels necessary. 

Face/Eyebrow Threading & Waxing:

It is recommended to receive threading and waxing services a week, or more, before the wedding.  Threading and waxing may cause heavy breakouts, causing the surface of the face to not look as smooth for makeup application.  Tweezing may be performed by the Artist for touch-ups, but with permission from the Client.