Why BECCA Highlighters are Supreme



Highlighters are tricky to find, since many on the market contain glitter, are too chalky and/or chunky, etc.  The purpose of highlighter is to accentuate the high points of the face with a sheen.  Here's why BECCA makes one of the BEST highlighters on the market.

Photo: Allure

BECCA caught wind back in 2014 when a popular beauty blogger introduced their highlighters to her audience.  Only two shades, "Moonstone" and "Opal", existed at the time, with Opal becoming their most popular shade and being constantly sold out.  I was quite new to the makeup world, so I was not experienced with highlighter formulas, but I knew this was something else because of how smooth and effortless the formula felt and applied.  Ever since this discovery, I've kept BECCA highlighters consistently in my personal collection and kit.    

I will note that Estee Lauder acquired BECCA Cosmetics back in 2016.  Now...Estee Lauder is known for acquiring tons of brands, and changing formulas.  I had noticed that the formula became more gritty, but considering there were numerous complaints about how the product kept breaking, I fully understand that the product needed more superglue to its formula. 

I carry both formulas in my kit and do notice how the new formula has more glitter particles, which is apparent when picked up on a brush.  When I dust it on the cheeks, it doesn't melt into the skin anymore, so I have to take a separate blending brush to combine it with the blush.  

Although I have listed pros and cons of BECCA's highlighters, they still continue to have home in my kit because there are 12 shades that cover a wide range of complexions while still having a good formula that is easy to work with.  I do have different brands and formulas in my kit, but BECCA is definitely the most abundant and most used, so they won't be leaving anytime soon. x

Ashley Yuen